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Back-End Support

Legal Support

Unlock staffing solutions to improve your business.

The most important aspect of your firm is your staff. When every member of the team is well qualified, well trained, and passionate, the pieces of the puzzle begin to slide into place. Clients deserve a wonderful experience. No matter the outcome of a case, your attorneys and support staff can make each client feel respected and satisfied.

Even if your team of attorneys and paralegals is excellent, there’s always room for improvement. Perhaps heightened accountability or training opportunities can encourage top-tier performance and client satisfaction? Or maybe your recruitment methods are missing out on excellent candidates for your firm?

Haywood Consulting’s staffing specialists are ready to help. We provide services like on-site training and organization, remote support, and human resource management. Every step, our team will collaborate with you to ensure your staff performs above expectations.

Staffing Solutions

Team-building at its best.

Every business owner knows the importance of talent. Yet day-to-day responsibilities can prevent you from getting the best from your team. Strong and positive staff management combines accountability, opportunity, and structure.

The Haywood Consulting team will partner with you to design the legal team of your dreams. We’ll lead recruitment efforts, encourage accountability, track productivity, and lead training efforts.

Each department will be staffed with experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable team members. Sit back and enjoy while we grow talent, expand your team, and increase your firm’s capabilities.


Often, recruitment can be time consuming and expensive. We’ll take the reins, protect you from additional fees, and build a team based on your preferences and our experience.


Proper training increases the functionality and productivity of each member of your team. Haywood Consulting experts visit you regularly for on-site training and supervision.

Management & Accountability

Our Human Resources experts will manage your team of attorneys and support staff, monitoring performance, activities, caseload, and customer satisfaction.

This results in an efficient and professional legal department.

Paralegal Support

Building a solid foundation.

Paralegals are the backbone of any immigration law firm. Haywood Consulting’s niche services allow us to focus on your paralegal team – strengthening its structure and training your staff. We’ll work with you on-site, making face-to-face connections with your paralegals.

Our goal is to produce great customer experiences in a reliable way. Happy clients are more likely to refer friends or family members to your practice, boosting profits and encouraging growth.

We’ll build you a solid foundation of professional, knowledgeable, and organized paralegals ready to support attorneys and clients alike.

Case management

Efficient case management creates timely outcomes and satisfied customers.

Immigration law cases typically fall into several different categories in a predictable way. Haywood Consulting specializes in reorganizing your case management system to capitalize on this and encourage productivity.

The Power
of Haywood Consulting

At Haywood Consulting, we believe that our highly specialized focus makes us powerful. We created a formula for success, combining prowess in digital marketing, operational management, and paralegal support to deliver results.

Marketing & Technology

Complete Turn-Key Online and Offline Marketing and Technology Initiatives Proven to Drive Leads and Maintain Security and Compliance.

Turn-Key Operations

Haywood Consulting’s entire approach is designed to ease the burdens on attorneys while encouraging growth and expansion of law firms.

Complete Back-end

We’ll build you a solid foundation of professional, knowledgeable, and organized paralegals ready to support attorneys and clients alike.