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Maximize productivity. Minimize overhead.

The daily operational requirements at a law firm can be overwhelming whether you have five employees or fifty. There’s simply not enough time in the day to work with clients, argue cases, and address organizational or functional concerns for the practice.

We get it – and we can help.

Haywood Consulting’s entire approach is designed to ease the burdens on attorneys while encouraging growth and expansion of law firms. Our industry experts will help you either set up or improve client care operations, ensure your technology is appropriate and functional, oversee financial reporting and planning, and daily functional management.

Client Care Team

Satisfied customers are the core of your business.

Every client at your firm should have a great experience from start to finish. Even if their case is complicated, everyone should be treated with respect, contacted promptly when necessary, and know that they are a priority.

At Haywood Consulting, your customers are our customers. We’ll ensure that your client care department is top notch – encouraging recruitment of clients after consultations, follow-ups with leads, and seamless scheduling of appointments.

A flawless process increases customer confidence in your firm and increases the likelihood of great customer experiences.

Our specialized team allows us to have a unique understanding of immigration firms’ clientele. This allows us to tailor client reception and sales processes to suit your unique situation.

Haywood Consulting offers the following:

Creation or improvement of client care department

Sales training for client care staff and consulting attorneys to ensure top sales conversion after consultations

Seamless scheduling, improving appointment methods

Implementation of targeted follow-up strategies to ensure clients arrive at consultations and hire your firm

Creation of detailed intake strategies to increase case turnover time

Financial Planning & Reporting

Understand your profits, understand your future.

At Haywood Consulting, we believe in accountability. Our team will facilitate the creation or improvement of your finance department. This structure allows expansion of your firm’s financial reporting, improving your understanding of your firm’s daily, monthly, and yearly profits and goals.

Our experts will meet with you monthly to discuss financial progress and planning. At that point, you’ll have all the information you need to confidently direct your financial future.

Day-to-Day Operations

Supporting staff, supporting success.

For law firms, day-to-day management requires experience and expertise. It also requires time – time that is often unavailable to busy attorneys and paralegals. Paperwork, staff management, training, and other requirements can stack up, quickly becoming unmanageable.

An inefficient business is a struggling business. Haywood Consulting ensures that your firm’s day-to-day operations are professionally and appropriately managed. A well-functioning firm frees time for updates, improvements, and growth.

The Power
of Haywood Consulting

At Haywood Consulting, we believe that our highly specialized focus makes us powerful. We created a formula for success, combining prowess in digital marketing, operational management, and paralegal support to deliver results.

Marketing & Technology

Complete Turn-Key Online and Offline Marketing and Technology Initiatives Proven to Drive Leads and Maintain Security and Compliance.

Turn-Key Operations

Haywood Consulting’s entire approach is designed to ease the burdens on attorneys while encouraging growth and expansion of law firms.

Complete Back-end

We’ll build you a solid foundation of professional, knowledgeable, and organized paralegals ready to support attorneys and clients alike.